happy easter

2066-km: hipster

que loucura, cara… você toma café




nice ass, tegan!

"you only deserve the best"- Tegan, some seconds after that happened

Okay but she’s holding her pants up



I think we should all just take a second to appreciate the yellow jumper/sweater and the bowl-cut. Thank you.

    Q&A Fan Asks "Can you do the Alligator Dance?"
  • Sara: You know what's interesting to me? Is like... the person who said, "Can you do the Alligator dance?" Don-
  • Tegan: Can YOU do it? (to the fan)
  • Sara: Don't take this the wrong way, but you're-
  • Tegan: Do YOU know it?
  • Sara: Can I just-
  • Tegan: Well I just wanna know if she knows it. She's...
  • Sara: She probably doesn't, but she probably is the type of person who'd you go home with on a date, and she'd be very bossy. She would be like, "We're going to play a game now. You're going to dress up as a cat..."
  • Tegan: Settle down
  • Sara: "and I'm the veterinarian."
  • Tegan: Settle down


Sasa interview in México city


I had her same reaction… but I was cooking so I’ve spread things all over my face awwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiing like a dement

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